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Five Tips When Applying to RSPH

Updated: Mar 28

1. Do your research. It's important to make sure that a Masters of Public Health is the right degree for you and that RSPH is the right school for you. Be sure to look into the classes, certificates, and faculty research, to see how your interests align with the wide variety of environmental health opportunities here at RSPH.

2. Reach out to your letter of recommendation writers early. Letters of recommendations are a great way to highlight your strengths and work ethic, but remember that the people writing your letters are probably very busy. Reach out to them early in order to secure the letters before the application deadlines.

3. Make your statement of interest as personal as possible. Your application package will include your resume, so be sure to avoid creating a personal statement that just highlights your resume. Tell your story, your interests, and your dreams for the future in the environmental health field.

4. Apply before the scholarship deadline. RSPH will consider you for any and all scholarships if you apply before the first deadline in January. This is also a great way to be considered for Rollins Earn and Learn scholarship, which provides you with multiple job opportunities throughout your time at RSPH.

5. Reach out to faculty you're interested in working with. Ideally you can reach out to the professors who's work you're interested in before you apply, but be sure to reach out and make connections before you accept.

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